Shire Land Rover Club is a family-friendly 4×4 club and everyone is welcome to get involved in club activities.

Non-members are welcome to come along to the monthly club socials or pop along to any club event to see what we get up to, but if you would like to take part in any off-road or greenlaning events you need to be a member – you can join on the day at any event.

The only exception to this are Seven Sisters events where you MUST be a member and book your place in advance.

Club rules on permitted vehicles are:

All Vehicles:

  • Any make & model of 4×4 vehicle is welcome provided it weighs under 5 tonnes
  • You may bring a vehicle on a trailer or light flatbed truck
  • All occupants of the vehicle MUST have seats & seat belts – this INCLUDES vehicles which are old enough not to need seatbelts for the MOT
  • Any vehicle the club marshals feel is unsuitable or unsafe will be turned away, if in doubt please contact us before attending.

If your vehicle is a road legal 4×4:

  • In addition to the rules for all vehicles, provided your vehicle has a valid MOT and at least 3rd party insurance you’re good to go.

If your vehicle is a non-road-legal 4×4:

In addition to the rules for all vehicles,  non-road-registered 4×4’s must meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle must have a FULL MSA, ARC, or Ultra-4 approved roll cage
  • Vehicles must be able to demonstrate:
    • Working brakes including parking brake
    • Working steering
    • Safe and secure fuel tank, battery and exhaust.
  • Vehicles attending night-time events must have front & rear lights
  • We strongly recommend at least some form of 3rd party or public liability insurance

We will NOT allow “bangers on trailers” or other unsafe vehicles to participate – please DO NOT try to attend if you are in any doubt without having contacted the club in advance, the Shire Land Rover Club reserves the right to deny entry to ANY vehicle that the marshals feel is unsafe, without refund.

Any other vehicles:

The Shire Land Rover Club cannot admit motorbikes, trikes, quads, or vehicles over 5 tonnes.

Light off-road 4×4 and 6×6 trucks such as Pinzgauer, Unimog and Volvo are welcome subject to meeting the standard club rules above.

If you have any doubts or questions about bringing your vehicle please contact us well in advance and we will be able to advise.

The Shire Land Rover Club aims to run off-road events suitable for all vehicles from shiny family runabouts to the hardcore challenge trucks, there is usually something for all vehicles & abilities to have a go at. However, conditions can vary so if you are new to the scene please get in touch and just ask!

Newcomers are always welcome, please introduce yourself to a marshal or member of the committee (usually found wearing a hi-viz at any club event) if you are new & would like any help, advice, or information – we would much rather you ask than keep quiet & end up stuck!