Membership Cards must be presented at signing-in. Poor or unsafe driving or behaviour will result in the corner of your membership card being clipped off. On a fourth offence your card will be confiscated and membership revoked.

If Marshals are not happy with the safety of your vehicle they will not allow you to drive.

After a major incident, the vehicle will be recovered to the sign-in area and only allowed to proceed at the Marshal’s discretion.

There is a blanket 15mph speed limit at all club events, unless stated otherwise.

All vehicle occupants must be seated in their own seats and wearing seatbelts at all times. This applies even if seatbelts are not a legal or MOT requirement.

Children must be under adult supervision and pets must be kept on leads and under control at all times.

MOT’d and insured vehicles can be driven at all Club events and by those who would normally be allowed to drive that vehicle on the road.

Non road legal vehicles can attend site days/weekends provided they comply with the following:

  1. Have a full MSA, ARC or Ultra 4 approved roll cage;
  2. Have working brakes, steering and secure/safe battery, fuel system and exhaust;
  3. Have working front and rear lights for NIGHT events;
  4. We strongly recommend 3rd party insurance.

Maintain proper control of your vehicle at all times, the use of mobile phones and 2-way or CB radios to be undertaken with care and within the law.

Respect local residents. Please arrive and depart sites quietly and drive courteously.

Respect the countryside and observe the Country Code — take your litter home.

The Drivers’ Countryside Code of Conduct can be downloaded from our Website.


If you are unsure about any aspect of driving or recovery, ask a Marshal or Committee Member — that’s what they are there for!

If you are using a winch or other recovery equipment you are expected to do so safely — there are numerous guides to safe recovery available; a Marshal will be able to offer help and advice should you need it.

Please DO NOT talk on the same CB channel as the Marshals unless you require their assistance.


Gloves must be worn during winching operations and a winching “sail” or “blanket” must be fitted to the winch line. We now have a stock of gloves and winch blankets available to buy at the Club Trailer. If you arrive at an event without them, please see the Committee.


All vehicles must be able to produce a valid insurance document at sign in, even if they are on a trailer. Copies are not accepted.

Any vehicle that appears to be in an un-roadworthy condition, we may insist on the relevant documents before completing sign-in. Subsequently, we urge all members to have their original documents available for inspection at sign-in.

If you have lost/mislaid your membership card then you may obtain a duplicate in advance via the Membership Officer at a cost of £2.00.

The decision of Club Marshals and Committee is final.