Thanks to all who attended the May AGM and got involved – the short version is the club is still going strong and we have welcomed some new faces onto the commitee.

We have a new Chief Marshal – Damion Angell has stepped up after our previous Chief Marshal Arran had to step down due to other commitments. You can’t miss Damion at an event, or his monster 130 – as always, you can ask any of the marshals or committee anything. We’d far rather you ask than keep quiet and end up stuck somewhere!

We also welcomed Steph Davey who has stepped up to run the club’s long-dormant Instagram account and maybe even do some of what our Chief Marshal calls “the ticky tocks“… we are also trying to revive the club’s YouTube account.

So – if you have any photos or video from any club events please share it with us on Instagram (@shirelandroverclub), our Facebook group, or on our Whatsapp group chat – you can also get larger files to us by other methods, please contact us if you have a link to a cloud drive or just want to hand us a USB stick at the next club social!

Another new name who stepped up at the AGM is David LeSaux who has offered to help us out with club merchandise – we actually have some great stuff but too often it’s stuck in the club trailer during the chaos of getting everyone signed in at an event. Hopefully David can help us get more out there and into the hands of club members – please do ask if you are after some club merchandise or have any ideas for things we should consider selling.

In other news we have had confirmation of another event at the excellent Broxhead site near Bordon – a military site we hadn’t been to for a long time and that caught quite a lot of us out on our first time back earlier in the year! Louis has just about dried his Discovery out now…

As the sun is shining a bit more we are also running social gatherings on Portsdown Hill at the scenic parking area and home of Mick’s Monster Burger, please check the calendar or any of our social media for updates.